Binary Solo

Jenny Holzer
Monday May 24th 2010, 8:58 am
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Jenny Holzer projects short, biting texts on city buildings, transforming normal pieces of landscape into canvases for artworks.  The texts, which mimic the use of billboards and LED screens in advertising, usually convey a political message, ranging from feminist issues to speaking out against war, oppression, and violence. Holzer used to write her own texts, but since 1993 has been using texts written by others.

I really like Jenny Holzer’s work. I am especially fascinated by the way that light projection plays over everything in its path, making the viewer into part of the installation of the piece.  I also like the way that Holzer manages to create public art pieces that are capable of reaching a large audience who would not normally be exposed to art. In that way, her political message can reach a larger audience and have an actual effect.

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