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Jon Gitelson
Tuesday May 18th 2010, 1:35 pm
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Jon Gitelson’s work consists of giant posters, videos, installations, art books, and photographs. Gitelson is fascinated with everyplace things and the ordinary details of people’s lives. He takes inspiration from found objects (dropped to-do lists, etc), TV plots, and the clothes his girlfriend hides from him so he won’t wear them anymore and translates them into giant posters and artists books, therefore rendering the minutiae of everyday life larger-than-life (both literally, as evidenced by the posters, and figuratively as art, traditionally thought of as being above everyday common things).

I find Gitelson’s work fascinating. By taking everyday experiences and turning them into valid subjects of art, he asks the viewer to also view his or her own experiences as art. He does it all with a little twist of irony, however, creating over the top comical situations (i.e in his Dream Job piece, featuring too-good-to-be-true job descriptions in the classifieds, or If I Had A Girlfriend, which lists all of the great things he would do for his girlfriend and ends by giving out his phone number). Gitelson’s pieces are all presented with a sense of tongue-in-cheek, finding meaning in the apparently meaningless comical and absurd minutiae of everyday experience. The use of mediums not traditionally considered art forms but rather merely trivial forms of entertainment (ginat posters, books, videos on the internet) itself echoes the message of Gitelson’s works.

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